Landscape house is

the creation of buildings that reveal the properties of natural materials and fit perfectly into the surrounding landshaft.Takaya architecture does not dictate the terms of the nature and cooperates with it.
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Landscape house in the world
Compared to traditional residential houses built on the ground, the purpose of the construction of an earthen house is quite different: not to live under the earth and in the earth, and to live with her. A feature of all the buildings is the complete absence of atypical nature of the acute angles & ndash; all lines are smooth, gradual transition. Such houses are very well built in places where it is necessary to preserve the natural landscape.
Rooms completely without drafts. Since the excavation house sealed, they can be considered ideal for controlled air conditioning. Allergens and harmful substances can not enter the building. Impermeability protects the building from the fire spreading. Improved sound insulation.
Energy savings
In addition to traditional methods of increasing energy saving landscape house with three sides with a layer of soil, which is a heat insulating material (heat insulating characteristics of compacted soil comparable to brick red). Unique urhitektura landscaped homes has minimal wind resistance, which also increases energy efficiency.
Protection from natural anomalies
Zheleznobetonnaya whole structure, the spherical shape, the use of torket-concrete in the construction of houses landscape reliably protects against a number of natural disasters. The absence of corners and projecting parts (roof) minimizes the number of surfaces that might be affected by the strong wind.
A special method of applying concrete provides a unique, organic shape of the house. Organic architecture of the house allows us to consider it as an integral part of the landscape design. Big volume of soil on the roof to create a full-fledged designer landscaping. Landscape house constantly is changing depending on the time of year and weather conditions.
Environmental friendliness
Green roof landscaped home is environmentally friendly plant community. Plants are chosen so that the entire composition requires a minimum of maintenance and watering, a variety of root systems prevents soil erosion on bulk roof. Bloom from early spring to late autumn provides power to beneficial insects, and the variety of plant morphology gives refuge to many useful representatives of the animal world.
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