The Swedish stove - it is insulated monolithic slab foundation of small burial. The main feature of this technology is that all the foundation of the house is based on a layer of insulation (under the hob). Under a warm home ground does not freeze and not deep. This foundation is suitable for any soil at any depth of the groundwater. Technology "Swedish stove" combines device insulated monolithic foundation slab and the possibility of laying communications, including water underfloor heating system.

The process of obtaining a polyurethane foam is a reaction mixture of two components - a polyol and a polyisocyanate in a special mixing equipment. For spraying polyurethane foam - this chamber of the gun. Foaming occurs in a very short time (typically 10 to 60 seconds). Right before your eyes foam will increase up to 25 times in volume. Polyurethane has excellent adhesion, practically, to any material and fills the voids and cracks.

guniting - a layering of concrete and plaster special units at high pressure. This creates a strong bond prepared and applied base composition formed rugged surface with high technical harakteristikami.Pod gunning commonly understood mechanized application and concrete compositions with netsementnym binder (eg. Refractories lining) formless manner. Simplified as shotcrete gunning layer, such as shotcrete, the resulting shotcrete.

The acrylic glass and polycarbonate are widely used in architecture. One of the most popular and original trends & ndash; equipping windows translucent protective systems. The appointment of such a glazing & ndash; protection of the pit near the window of the basement or ground floor. The company & laquo; AkrilShik & raquo; It offers a comprehensive solution for the production and installation of a protective glazing for windows. High strength coating velvety texture, pleasant to the touch & ndash; this is certainly acrylic.